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Why There is A Big Difference among Hotel Vanity Sets

Usually we see hotel vanity sets of some high-end hotels or clubs are very clean, especially the often used faucet.It's almost like new, but hotel vanity sets of some tourist attractions are rusty, such as faucet or squat toilet. Why there is s big difference among hotel vanity sets? This is related to our use habit and maintenance in daily life.

When installing the faucet,  it is best to let the experienced people  help or ask professional personnel for installation. We must pay attention not to colliding hard things , lest cause the the wear and tear of surface. During the installation, we need to clean its surface and  do not have residual cement or glue and other sundry, preventing gloss of coating.The sundries inside conduit also should be celeaned in time, then we  can install faucet.

If it is used under the circumstance that is above water pressure 0.02mpa, there is occurrence that water quantity decreases gradually, and sometimes  water heater oneself goes out. We can screw off sieve mesh cover of the outlet of faucet and clear sundries.

When the switch of faucet is used, do not force too big, turn gently along its direction. Traditional faucets, also don't need to use too big strength to twist. It should also be careful not to use the handle of the faucet as a support handle.

The metallic hose of shower head of bath crock faucet needs to maintain natural state.  It cannot coil above bibcock. We should notice that hose and joint cannot become blind Angle, preventing to produce damage when we don't use it.

The best method to clean faucet is to  clean it with clear water, wiping it with soft cotton cloth, no too big strength. In order not to cause wear and tear, we can choose sponge or eraser.

We should gentle cleaner which cannot have too strong acidity. We also can use cleaner without acidity and with gentler liquid or i the powder that can dissolve completely.

When maintaining the faucet, we should also  pay attention to some matters. We cannot  use cleaning tools with hard materials such as steel wire ball to clean the surface. it is easy to cause product scratches. Cleaners also should be neuter. Cleaners containing acid alkaline not applicable for  faucet. We must be wiped with a dry cloth after cleaning. It is best to use cotton cloth so as not to have the hair slip.

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