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Why Do Hotels Choose Disposable Slippers?

Why to choose disposable slippers?

Because it is of better sanitation, waterproof and skid resistance and ventilation. The various characteristics of disposable slippers make them have various advantages such as air permeability, water resistance, water absorption and so on. Disposable slippers will play a non-slip effect in this way. In view of these advantages, the hotel can choose disposable slippers because the guests not only love clean slippers, but also love to wear very comfortable slippers. Disposable hotel slippers are very simple and comfortable to wear. Although disposable slipper is produced simpler, and the cost is lower, its comfort, softness can not be denied. It's very comfortable to wear.

How to choose disposable slippers?

At present, there are also reports in the media that guests claim compensation for slipping when they wear disposable slippers at hotels. It is related to the slippers that the hotels choose. The disposable slipper upper on market is mostly made of non-woven cloth or paper. The soles are plastic with a thin layer of sponge in the middle. It is divided into non-slip and non-slip. It is suggested that the hotel should choose slippers with thicker soles and anti-slip grooves when purchasing so that guests can not slip easily and reduce disputes and trouble.

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