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The Role of the Shower Cap

Disposable hotel shower cap bulk is mainly used to protect your hair from getting wet when you take a bath. This is where the function of disposable shower cap is embodied. In fact, many people put on the shower cap when they are doing cleaning, or when they are cooking, mainly to protect the hair-- prevent the hair from getting wet or getting dirty.

Wearing a disposable hotel shower cap bulk can avoid the water droplets wetting the ears, hair, etc. when taking a shower. Morever, when a woman makes the mask, she will put the long hair into a bun and plug it into the shower cap, so as to keep the face clean. The high quality bath cap fabric is soft and breathable, which does not fade and not easily-damaged,  so the time of use can be greatly prolonged.

After bathing cap has played its "prime" role, many people have summed up other functions of the shower cap: It is used when the hair oil is kept for a while, or when the hair is smeared with essence. At this time, the bathing cap has achieved the effect of hair care in the hair salon! Even the "extraordinary packing method for travel" , which is going viral on the Internet recently, has a place for bathing cap.

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