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The Function of Hotel Shower Cap Bulk and Its Use Precautions

Hotel shower cap bluk is a common tool when bathing in the hotel, which can prevent the hair from getting wet.

The functions of hotel shower cap bulk are as follows:

1. Good water absorption.

2. It is soft, touch-friendly, and it wouldn't hurt the skin.

The soft sense of touch makes people feel more intimate; it is skin-friendly, light and soft, easy to clean, and can be dehydrated and dried.

3. No shedding; no breakage.

It is not easy to be damaged, and it can keep warm and is dustproof.

4. It won't fade.

No fluorescent agent and dispersive toxic and harmful pigments are added in this kind of hotel shower cap bluk. It is produced in strict accordance with the international standards, no matter how long it takes.

5. Deodorant treatment in place, no odor

The technology of moisture absorption and perspiration, supplemented by deodorant processing, can not only control bacteria breeding and rapid drainage but also greatly improve the anti-odor effect of bath cap. Since then, there is no need to worry about the unpleasant smell after use.

6. Anti-bacteria; anti-mite

There is no chemical reagent in the process, which can directly contact with human skin without damaging the skin. It can directly inhibit the growth of bacteria and keep the effect of use for a long time and refreshing.

7. Natural quick drying

The quick-drying speed of this product is 3-4 times that of ordinary products. If you wipe your hair with a hair towel, your hair can be dried in a short time and the damage caused by the hot air of the hairdryer can be reduced.

Notice for use of hotel shower cap bluk:

1. Don't put your hair into the bath cap directly, especially for the people with long and thick hair, otherwise, your hair will be more disordered.

2. Wearing the cap at will or pulling the hat will become a damage factor;

3. The bathing cap can't be cut and used.

4. Please don't put it close to a hot place such as the fire.

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