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The Choice of Disposable Hotel Slipper

Disposable slippers are the necessary category of hotel disposable products. Every guest who stays in the hotel wants to change into a pair of comfortable slippers after a day's running, which is when the hotel reflects its humanized service. How to choose comfortable disposable slippers?

Yangzhou yilanmei hotel supplies co., LTD.can introduce it to you:

According to the survey, now there are some hotels not providing disposable slippers but plastic slippers that can be repeated wear. Although this saves the cost of the hotel,  it greatly reduced the guest's favor of the hotel  and it is difficult to win repeat customers. So, how to choose hotel slippers is very important. Hotel slippers are one of the six essential items for the hotel. In fact, there are many kinds of disposable slippers. Mainly according to the fabric classification, value from low to high, there are non-woven fabric, velvet, pull plush, short plush, towel, cut velvet, waffle. Generally speaking, small hotels mainly use of non-woven slippers.Velvet, pull plush, short plush are generally used in the middle class of the hotel. The best material is towel.  Towel slipper can give a guest to use in the winter, because it has good heat preservation and also exceeded the slipper of other material on waterproof, bibulous performance. It is basically used at 3 star class above hotel. Yangzhou ilanmei hotel supplies co., ltd. as the hotel slippers supplier, professional provides star hotel disposable slippers, all kinds of high and low grade slippers, hotel disposable slippers sales business. Welcome to order!
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