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The Advantages of Disposable Paper Slippers Bulk

Disposable paper slippers bulks are made of soft, comfortable and high-quality fabrics, such as towel cloth, dense velvet, coral velvet, etc., which do not irritate the skin. Our disposable paper slippers bulks can be customized to fit different foot sizes. Processed by trilinear car mechanism, these slippers are very firm and not easy to fall. It can be applied to electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshop, catering service, food processing, school, spray processing, stamping hardware, health center, handicraft industry, hospital, beauty parlor, pharmacy, factory, environmental cleaning, public occasions and so on.

Product advantages and usage description:

1. Take domestic high-end hotels as an example, most hotels use ceramic tile floor or marble floor, so their grounds will be very slippery if there is water on the floor. In such an occasion, high-end disposable paper slippers bulks can play a better anti-slip role than the general plastic slippers which usually are used repeatedly.

2. The material of high-end disposable paper slippers bulk is soft, comfortable, clean and sanitary... Foot is a place where fungal breed, especially for those with infectious pedopathy. Thus, compared with the repeatedly used slippers, guests are more willing to choose disposable paper slippers bulks.

3. High-end disposable slippers, soft and comfortable, are so suitable for all seasons that they will make guests feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

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