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YiLanMei not only produces hotel soap and supermarket soap but also handmade soap. Aiming at becoming the most professional and high quality service company, YiLanMei insists on using high-grade natural raw materials to produce beautiful, practical, natural and no added soap, it continuously improves the production technology, and continuously reduces the cost without reducing the quality of the product, so as to meet the various needs of the mass consumer group, and give the most cost-effective products to consumers.

Soap is an indispensable daily detergent, and the history of soap goes back to Italy in BC.
Soaps mainly include: first, baby soap with advanced skin care factor. Second, the sulfur soap which contains sulfur to sterilize and wipe off the external mold and the parasites, oric acid bath soap products which contain boric acid to kill germs. Third, Anti-mosquito soap contains Chinese herbal medicinal ingredient to drive mosquito. The high concentration of ingredient is extracted and integrated into the soap base, which can achieve the effect of mosquito repellent.
Soap is an essential part of daily life care. It is made of the main raw material --- odium fatty acids and other surfactants, other quality improvers, and appearance improver. And the production of soap will be done after processing and molding. Generally, soap can be divided into seven categories:

The general soap
The perfume, pigment and white soap are mixed and then ground into various shapes, which is the most economical one, has a good effect of degreasing on the general cleaning.

Finely-ground soap
Finely-ground soap, also known as the “French soap”, is a kind of Solid soap which contains low alkaline and is made after many times' grinding. This soap is expensive, of course. Due to its stability and fineness, it is often used to wash the face.

Floating soap
Floating soap is a kind of soap which has high humidity and is made without grinding. It is easy to contain the air and then float on the water. Its cleaning power is not bad but is difficult to keep humidity. It is easy to be out of shape and change color after being deposited for a period. Thus it should be used when it’s fresh.

Oil soap
Oil soap is a kind of soap which is added a high concentration of grease when being ground. When you are using it, a layer of oil will be formed on the skin surface, which is suitable for people with dry skin, but the washing effect is slightly poor. Because it is often used on babies, it is also called baby soap.

Transparent soap
It contains more than 10% glycerin and some vegetable oils. After use, the skin will be smooth. And it is very similar to oil soap. It is often used by people with dry skin or people who are used to washing their face with soap.

Special type soap
Special type soap includes liquid, gelatinous, medical use soaps and etc. They have been added fungicide, sanding, medicine, deodorant, or other ingredients according to people's different demand. There is a kind of soap called "olive soap" which contains olive oil and sodium hydroxide. The cleaning fluid and emulsions produced by the cosmetics company are not liquid soap, but emulsion or cream that contains the emulsifier. They are finished products which are designed to remove the special cosmetics.

Essential oil soap
Essential oil soap is a very popular kind of soap in recent years. It is mainly made by extracting essential oil from the plant.

The portable soap
According to the usage scenarios, soap can be classified into home soap and portable soap. Portable soap is suitable for travel use.


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