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YiLanMei mainly produces hotel slippers, indoor slippers, airline slippers, eco-friendly slippers. The hotel and indoor slippers produced by our company are of exquisite workmanship and quality assurance. The slippers adopt high-quality velvet fabric and EVA base. The fabric is strong and is still not deformed after repeated washing. The bottom of the slipper is made of EVA material, anti-skid, wear-resistant and comfortable, effectively protecting the wood floor. Eco-friendly slippers, made from natural raw materials, is anti-odor, anti-skid, anti-greasy.

In addition, YiLanMei also offers customized service. You can send us a sample and we will do us most to manufacture the same slippers as your sample.
  • The Fabric of slippers can be towels, cut pile, velvet, waffle, coral fleece, suede, plush, neoplane, non-woven fabric, etc.
  • The sole can be EVA, rubber sole, or EPE sandwich with a little bead cloth at the bottom.
  • The logo on the slippers can be screen printing, glue printing or embroidery.
  • Each pair of slippers will be packed with an OPP bag. The high-grade slippers will be packed with non-woven bags

Slippers are a kind of shoes, of which the heel is empty, only the front toe is flat. The material is often quite soft leather, plastic, cloth etc. The type of slippers is distinguished according to the situation of wearing and performance. For example, beach slippers will not be made of cloth, but plastic. This is for waterproofing and easy-cleaning. The shoe type is also specially designed, often referred to as foot slippers, or what we call "flip-flop". But in winter, the indoor slippers, in order to keep warm, may use the fluffy cloth and do not use plastic, so that people have better enjoyment in the bedroom. There are also antistatic slippers commonly used in electronic factories and dust free workshops. 


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