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Shaver is one of the most common hotel supplies products. Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company also has many years of experience in design, manufacture and sales of hotel shaver products. We are professional in providing the compact disposable hotel shaver. Our disposable razors adopt dual stainless steel blades and nonslip handle to make it much easier and more convenient for guests to have a shave in the fresh morning during the stay in your hotel.

Our hotel razor is consisted of the resin handle and stainless steel disposable razor blades which are sharp but endurable and resistant to breaking. In addition, the sharp razor blade is more powerful and designed with the protection device to prevent against any hurt on face when having shave. Such considerate design also contributes to the extensive popularity of our disposable shavers among different brands of hotels. Our hotel shaving kits include the protecting cover, allowing the convenient use and stock. We pay attention to every detail including the elegant yet simple appearance with the soft and gentle line design as well as the clear texture, making your guests look more charming with macho glamour. To meet customers' special requirements, we could provide the professional OEM manufacturing service according to your specific expectation. Both of the package and size could be customized catering to your hotel's unique culture and brand promotion strategy. For the package, we could integrate your hotel logo on the razors as well as the internal and external package. Furthermore, the quantity per each package could also be customized to meet your hotel's detailed demand. Extra razor blade will also be included in our shaving kits if needed by your hotel. Both of our workmanship and the quality show the intelligence and diligence work of Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies team. You deserve our state-of-the-art products and service.


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