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Manual Soap

Manual Soap

Handmade soap is made from the natural grease and alkali liquor. As a result, the manual soap generally contains the natural glycerinum which has an extraordinary moisturizing effect. In addition, the handmade soap is especially mild and friendly to human skin, without any irritation. Furthermore, the manual soap generates abundant fine and smooth bubble which makes it possible to achieve the surprisingly cleansing effect with no harm to the cuticular membrane of human skin. The natural grease contained in the manual soap creates a protective membrane while cleaning human skin and thus provides the effective protection of the human skin. This is the main reason why the handmade soap is so popular all around the world in recent years.

Now, the manual soap is not only available for home use but also in different branded hotels located in every country and region worldwide. Especially for those starring hotels, the manual soap helps to enhance your hotel image and brand promotion. Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company also has a professional R&D, manufacturing and quality team to dedicate to the design and manufacture process of the homemade soap for sale. With the full support from our dedicated team, we are committed to offering the good quality of wholesale handmade soap. Our manual soap helps your hotel guests to effectively protect their skin even away from home when staying in your hotel. In other words, with our handmade soap, your hotel guests do not need to worry about the inconvenience to proceed with their daily skin care when traveling to someplace. They need not carry their homemade soap along during their trip as our handmade soap is right there available for them. We are capable of providing all different shapes and colors of manual soap including the round shape, square shape, star shape, heart shape & scallop shape, etc. You will find our manual soap is the right choice suits your expectation.


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