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International Brand Set

International Brand Set

As an experienced hotel products supplier with many years history, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company is not only capable of providing the satisfied hotel amenities products for the common hotels but also specialized in providing all the necessary products for most famous internal branded hotels.

With our professional design and manufacture team, we are supporting the qualified Aveda hotel amenities.
We have established the stable and reliable partnership with Aveda hotel for years and obtained high appreciation from our customer. Based on our dedicated analysis and related information collected through all the Aveda subsidiary hotels over the world, we are devoted to supplying all the Aveda hotels with the most suitable amenities catering to their specific local culture and policy. We also have been working for Acqua di Parma hotel for many years. The amenities provided to Acqua di Parma hotel includes a variety of products ranging from the towels, bathrobes, laundry bags, linen products, paper glass covers, swizzle sticks, gift bags, coasters, sewing kits, vanity sets, combs, shavers, shower caps, shampoo, soap, toothbrush as well as toothpaste. All of our products supplied to Acqua di Parma hotel also include the specific logo and the related culture elements and thus received the equivalent praise from our customer. In addition to the Aveda and Acqua di Parma hotels, Acqua di Parma hotel is also qualified as the supplier to design and manufacture related amenities products for Rimowa hotel. Our Rimowa hotel amenity kit is also customized with the unique logo and details of all the Rimowa hotels located all across the world. Tumi and Delta hotels are also of our top customers with sound partnership for years. Thus we have been making the equivalent efforts to supply the Tumi hotel amenity kit and Delta hotel amenity kit.


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