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Hotel Swizzle Stick

Hotel Swizzle Stick

With many years of experience in the hotel supplies manufacturing industry, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company offers not only the hotel towels, slippers, bath mat, bath towels, hotel bathrobes, hotel laundry bags, hotel linen, paper glass covers, welcome gift bags but also the hotel swizzle sticks.

Our hotel swizzle sticks adopt the food grade material. In addition, our manufacturing process does not generate any hazardous chemical substances and thus our swizzle stick is considered as the eco-friendly products. The ISO9001, ISO14001, GMPC, ISO22716 authentication is the reliable guarantee for the quality of our hotel swizzle sticks. As a hotel swizzle stick supplier, we offer the customized OEM service. Not only the product size, pattern, shape could be designed according to your specific requirements. Your hotel logo may also be included on the hotel swizzle sticks to help with your brand promotion. We also provide the hotel swizzle stick wholesale service with the most preferable price. Swizzle stick samples are also available to help you have better understanding of our stick products. Comparing with many other wholesale providers of hotel swizzle stick products who may think swizzle sticks are not so important as the hotel linen, towels or bathrobes, we pay the equivalent attention to the design, manufacture and every detail of our swizzle stick products. Thus, the hotel swizzle sticks manufactured and provided by Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company is secured with the same quality level with all of our other hotel supplies products. Furthermore, we are capable of providing the customized package design to meet your special needs and expectation. A variety of different choices of color is also available to cater to your hotel's specific culture and atmosphere. We also promise to offer the most desirable lead time for urgent delivery. If you are looking for the perfect hotel swizzle stick products, we believe Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies is the right one for you.


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