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Hotel Shower Cap

Hotel Shower Cap

In addition to the most common hotel supplies products, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company also made efforts in the development, manufacture, and sales of the disposable shower caps in bulk. Our hotel shower caps adopt the good quality of waterproof material which is tenacious, tensile and corrosive. Comparing to the common disposable shower caps which are made from the worse quality of material and easy to be deformed, our plastic shower cap is capable of preventing from the deformation and shows the improved performance of waterproof with the strictly selected material. In addition, the hotel shower caps are very soft and comfortable to help your guests enjoy the shower during the stay in your hotel.

Furthermore, the intensive arc design of our disposable hair caps helps to avoid shampoo getting into your guests' eyes and thus protect against any potential hurt to their eyes. Attributed to such considerate protection design, your hotel guests are enabled to enjoy the relaxing and comfortable stay in your hotel. Our bulk shower caps are elaborately designed with the effective elastic cord which adopts the good quality of elastic material that is endurable and tensile.

What's even more attractive is that our disposable hair caps provide the specialized OEM manufacturing service. Every specific detail and feature could be customized according to your hotel's special requirements and demands. If you like, the hotel shower caps made by Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies could even have the different design for male and female guests respectively. In other words, we could adopt the lace design or add the elegant pattern on our hotel shower caps designated for female guests. We are also capable of providing the colorful shower caps for female guests or the transparent shower caps for male guests. To make a conclusion, our bulk shower caps are intended to meet your utmost satisfaction.


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