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Eco Friendly Slipper

Eco Friendly Slipper

In addition to the most common disposable hotel slippers, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company, known as the professional manufacturer and supplier for hotel amenities products with many years experience in the industry, also make great efforts to design, manufacture and sales of the eco-friendly slippers. 

As the environmental protection has become the one of the top concerns in recent years, Chinese government has developed the even stricter policy for all manufacturers located in China. To figure out the corresponding solutions in such situation and background, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies starts to expand the investment and efforts on the design and manufacture of the eco slippers which adopt the environmental protection material and the recycling system in use. Comparing to the traditional disposable slippers, the eco friendly slippers has more durable life and could be reused for more than 50 times. Thus, the average cost per each pair of eco slippers is approximately 1/5 of the traditional disposable slippers. In addition, the material of the eco friendly slippers could be recycled at the end of the service life. As a result, there will be no cost of the garbage disposal fee. In terms of the waste disposal process, the traditional disposable slippers have to go through the landfill or incineration process. However, the environmentally friendly shoes and slippers have no need of such complex and costly disposable process. From this point of view, the eco-friendly footwear products have made the great contribution to the worldwide environmental protection career. This is also the reason why the eco friendly slippers and shoes are extensively supported by the government. Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies are committed to providing the varied choices of eco-friendly footwear products in different sizes and colors to meet your specific preference.  


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