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Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company is not only the professional manufacturer of hotel towels, bath towels, hotel bathrobes, hotel linens, bath mats & laundry bags but also the experienced supplier of hotel coasters. Our disposable paper coasters present the distinct feature in terms of water absorption and heat insulation. We adopt the elegant pattern and the soft as well as thick texture to achieve the good feeling of touch. Our disposable coasters are made from the elaborately selected raw material to show your hotel guests' good taste of quality life. The improved workmanship is another advantage of the hotel coasters made by Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company. As a result, our coasters are more durable to provide the constant heat insulation. Furthermore, with the special design and manufacturing process, the coasters we made are easy to clean. The coaster products show no deformation after clean, which also make the coaster serve for the much longer time.

We have different choices of disposable coasters made of two kinds of raw material. One is tissue paper coaster and the other is rubber coasters. The disposable paper coaster provides much better water absorption feature while the rubber coaster offers the improved heat insulation. Both of these two kinds of coasters accept OEM order to meet your hotel's special requirements. The pattern, color, and size could be customized in accordance with your request. In addition, either to tissue paper coaster or the rubber coasters are eco-friendly without any hazardous chemical substance. Our coasters are designed and manufactured for the different circumstance of application. It can be used as ashtray coaster, or the coffee cup coaster, the food coaster, the vase coaster or the heat insulation coaster. We are also capable of supplying the customized hotel coasters in different size and shape. Your satisfaction is the utmost goal we strive to achieve.


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