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Bottle Shampoo

Bottle Shampoo

As a comprehensive supplier of hotel supplies, aviation supplies, travel supplies and body care products, Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company strives to provide the satisfying shampoo product for all of our hotel customers. Our hotel shampoo products offer different choices of bottle shampoo and tube shampoo to meet varied customer needs.

Our bottle shampoo may be packed in different shapes of the bottle with the different volume according to your hotel's specific requirements. We offer the optimal hotel shampoo wholesale service with the full support of our professional design and manufacture team. Same as all other hotel supplies product supplied by Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies Limited Company, we are capable of supporting with the desired customized bottle shampoo for all ranking of hotels all over the world. In other words, our bottle shampoo is applicable to both the common hotels and the international branded hotels. The bottle shampoo manufactured by Yangzhou Yi Lan Mei Hotel Supplies may include your hotel logo and culture elements on the bottle package.  In addition, our bottle shampoo will provide with different choices of fragrance to cater for your hotel preference. We are also capable of supplying the hotel shampoo bulk, which may be more economical and convenient for some hotels. All of our hotel supplies, aviation supplies, travel supplies and body care products are subject to the strict quality control process. We have the dedicated quality control team to perform the reliable incoming material inspection, in-process inspection and outgoing inspection for every shipment of products. Thus, our bottle shampoo is also secured with such reliable quality control process. With our bottle shampoo, your hotel guests will enjoy the stay every time. In addition, we also keep on making all efforts to achieve the desirable lead time at the preferable price to meet your urgent demand. You will find our bottle shampoo is the right choice for your hotel.


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