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Paper Covers For Drinking Glasses Developed Successfully, Hard Core Enough!

Recently, Shanghai has implemented a vigorous waste classification to encourage the world to reduce the use of plastic products and protect the environment. Under the trend of plastic reduction and plastic reduction, we began to explore the positive significance of garbage classification: sorting garbage at the source and Re-turning it into resources through sorted transportation and recycling, to reduce land occupation, pollution and waste into treasure. In response to the national policy, a large number of enterprises began to innovate independently in the packaging materials of drinks. At present, it is a general trend to replace plastic pipette with the paper pipette. So. Paper straws are in place. Will paper covers for drinking glasses be far behind?

YILANMEI devotes itself to the research and development of environmental protection products, upholds the concept of sustainable development, and takes the elimination of environmental waste as its mission. Through R&D and innovation of materials, the company not only brings vitality to the industry market but also practices its values: not only to help people around the world live a comfortable life but also to establish a harmonious relationship between man and nature. Under such guidelines, Ilanmei successfully launched paper covers for drinking glasses. The company has come all the way, relying on technological innovation and integration.

We creatively launch paper covers for drinking glasses, hoping to ensure that every cup is green and environmentally friendly and that every cup in the hands of consumers will not inappropriately affect the environment. YILANMEI continues to win the trust of terminal enterprises with their efforts. It points out the new blue sea of beverage packaging in the future, and truly realizes returning the world a piece of green!
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