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What's the Use of the Coaster?

The main purpose of the coaster is to prevent heat insulation and tea leakage. Advertising coasters are generally used in restaurants, cafes, hotels and other public eating places, and can be used as advertising accessories to improve image. Colorful plastic coaster with company and enterprise LOGO is more prominent and closer to people's life.

Strong friction prevents glass and porcelain cups from sliding, and also protects the desktop from scalding. The coaster has other functions:
1: Anti-skid effect. A glass or beer bottle will not slip on top.
2: Advertising effect. These are all German breweries that customize LOGO to the following distributors or bars so that people can come to the bar to drink and remember the brand of wine.
3: Cleaning function: spilled juice will not leak on the desktop. On the coaster, the coaster has the function of absorbing water, and some have the function of storing water, so when cleaning the desktop, it is easy to clean the coaster.

Pay attention to the use of coasters:
1. Green design is full of natural flavor, making people feel particularly fresh and energetic.
2. Soft rubber material is very wear-resistant, which can ensure long-term use.
3. Material should be environmentally friendly and easy to clean
The company sells cheap coasters in bulk, looking forward to cooperating with you!

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