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What are the Specific Categories of Hotel Supplies?

Hotel articles can be seen from the word meaning that they are specially used for hotels and other places. It includes nine categories: furniture, cleaning, decoration, lobby, guest room, catering, electrical appliances, kitchen, etc. Here, we will introduce the specific content classification of each category of hotel supplies.

1. Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture is the furniture used in the hotel. It includes hotel furniture, hotel sofa, hotel desks and chairs, hotel bed, hotel screen, TV cabinet, luggage cabinet stage, soft bed, hotel dressing table, etc.

2. Hotel decoration

This category is the hotel decoration supplies, including craft paintings, hotel lighting, sculpture, craft ornaments, decorative materials, decorative porcelain, wall tapestry, fresh-keeping plants, bamboo weaving technology, etc.

3. Hotel cleaning supplies

Just as your home needs cleaning, hotels need to be clean. There are many cleaning supplies for hotels. It includes garbage bin, soap liquor, air purification, perfume spray machine, cleaning tools, liquid detergent, hand washing liquid, descaling agent, detergent, disinfectant, shoe polisher, stone cleaning mat, etc.

4. Hotel lobby supplies

The hotel lobby is the front of a hotel. When guests enter the hotel, they will see the lobby, whether decoration or service. The lobby supplies include luggage trucks, umbrella racks, signs, lecture stands, light boxes, etc.

5. Hotel room supplies

One of the main functions of hotels is to provide accommodation. When it comes to accommodation, we can't stop talking about rooms. Hotel supplies also include a lot of room supplies, including paper towel boxes, safe boxes, anti-skid mats, beauty glasses, trash cans, hangers/clothes clips, signs, service guides, ice buckets, bamboo and wood products, key hand cards, etc.

6. Hotel catering equipment

Another major function of dining room hotel, the quality of catering service and catering equipment determine the overall impression of the hotel. Such articles include gold and silver wares, glassware, ceramic tableware, imitation porcelain tableware, stainless steel products, wine sets, tea sets, food models, plastic products, dining cars, etc.

7. Hotel disposable goods

As a place to provide public accommodation and catering, hotels need disposable items, which include disposable toothbrush bulk, disposable soap, disposable slippers, disposable shampoo, disposable shower dew, disposable comb, etc.

8. Electrical appliances in hotel rooms

The degree of comfort determines the loyalty of guests to the hotel. It is essential to provide complete room appliances, such as safe, hairdryer, hot water kettle, room refrigerator, room telephone, TV turntable, room TV, etc.

9. Hotel kitchen supplies

A kitchen is an important place for hotel catering. As the core area, the kitchen must have complete supplies. It includes Chinese and Western kitchen equipment, kitchen cookers, stainless steel kitchen utensils, electromagnetic ovens, baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, cold drink equipment, ice cream machine, juicer, ice maker, soybean milk machine, cold cabinet, ventilation equipment, kitchen knives, banquet stove, fast food equipment, dishwasher, steam disinfection equipment and so on.
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