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The Function of Shower Caps

1. Strong absorbency.Super soft touch; It does not hurt the skin and makes people fond of soft touch. Farewell to face washing is equal to shaving era. It is light, soft and easy to clean, and can be dehydrated and dried. Love the soft touch, even children are super suitable.

2. No hair loss, no damage, this product uses special weaving method, no hair debris, strong adsorbing force. It can be used as pillow towel, quilt sheet and bed sheet, and can not slip, not easy to damage, keep warm and dust-proof.

3. Never fade, do not use fluorescent agents, do not use dispersive toxic and harmful dyes. Produce in strict accordance with international standards, no matter how long it takes.

4. Deodorization treatment, no odor. Hygroscopicity and sweat removal technology combined with odor-proof processing, in the prevention of bacterial breeding and rapid sweating colleagues also greatly improved the odor-proof function of this product, henceforth do not have to worry about the use of odor puzzlement.

5. Antibacterial, anti-mite care skin, anti-bacterial processing by the SGS test, processing without any chemical agents, can directly contact with human skin, do not hurt the skin. It can directly inhibit the growth of bacteria and has a lasting and refreshing effect.

6. Naturally, dry quickly. The drying speed of this product is 3-4 times as fast as that of the general product and can be used to wipe your hair, which can be dried in a very short time and reduce the damage caused by hot air from hair dryer.

7. Protect our ears. Bulk shower caps prevent our ears from getting water and affect our hearing.

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