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New Trend of Hotel Supplies: Science and Technology + Energy Conservation

Science and technology drives life, energy saving changes life. With the progress of society, the ever-changing scientific and technological achievements are not only changing people's way of life, but also changing the development of all walks of life. As the hotel industry is closely related to people's life, compared with the past, the changes are undoubtedly earth-shaking. This change throughout all aspects of the hotel, especially the hotel's application of new products, greatly improve the efficiency of the industry and service level. Whether for business travel or leisure travel, guests will want to have high-quality sleep when they choose to stay in the hotel, which can make the tired body get good relaxation. How to make the hotel become the guest's "second home", and let the hotel comply with the guests' new pursuit of low-carbon life, is the standard of many hotels in the procurement of hotel supplies.  At the same time, this is also the goal that most hotel chains have been pursuing. Therefore, science and technology + energy saving have become the mainstream of purchasing hotel supplies for most chain hotel investment groups. In order to create a comfortable, convenient and warm living environment for guests, Dadu Hotel Group has been focusing on the latest technology products when purchasing hotel supplies in addition to providing quality services. According to the actual situation of the hotel and the needs of the customer group, actively introduce the latest technology products in the hotel supplies to the hotel, to ensure that guests can get comfortable service experience and entertainment experience in the hotel.

Energy conservation and environmental protection, let the hotel lead the new trend of low carbon
It is known that a medium-sized three-star hotel, a year about 1,400 tons of coal consumption of energy, can be at least 4200 tons of carbon dioxide emissions into the air, 70 tons of soot and 28 tons of sulfur dioxide, let alone the scale of the larger high-star hotel. Under the current trend of reducing carbon emission, most hotel groups actively join the team of hotel energy conservation and emission reduction, and "lead" the new trend of low carbon with practical actions.

The energy-saving and environmental protection of hotel supplies is an important part of the implementation of the low-carbon business strategy of Dadu Hotel Group. The use of eco friendly hotel amenities suppliers can not only solve the problem of hotel resource waste but also greatly save the operating cost of the hotel. In the long run, this will be an irreversible new trend of hotel supplies.

As eco friendly hotel amenities suppliers, we will continue to rely on innovation and excellent quality, produce first-class products, create first-class benefits, and create a bright future with you!

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