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How to Eliminate Waste in Hotels with Low Utilization Rate of Disposable Goods and Needle Bags

Needle and thread packages, generally made of cloth bags, have a closed opening for needles, thread, thimbles, small scissors and so on. They are essential household items. Their forms are now developing in a variety of ways, and their forms are becoming more beautiful.

The use rate of hotel sewing kits wholesale in hotel disposable articles is low and wasteful. According to statistics, the hotel uses 742 sewing bags a year, including internal use. And there are less cotton yarns attached to the needle and thread bag, and there are as many as five kinds of colors. If one kind of thread is not enough, another package needs to be removed. All the needles will be thrown away once they are used. Suggestion: Prepare needle boxes in the room service center. There are plenty of different kinds of cotton thread, needles of different types, nail guards, small scissors and so on. Guests can provide free rental service when needed. All needles and other items can be reused. Cancel the disposable needle bags in the room.

The company specializes in the hotel sewing kits wholesale and is committed to building our factory into a strong player in the hotel supplies market, providing comfortable, convenient and meticulous services for people's life, vacation and leisure.

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