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How to Distinguish the Quality of Hotel Toothbrushes?

The brush head is about 2 centimeters long. The brush head is generally a little smaller, first of all, the size of the brush head, need to take into account the size of the mouth, the degree of mouth opening and personal habits and other factors. There is no uniform standard, "the American Dental Association recommends that children use 0.3 cm long and 0.8 cm wide toothbrushes in their oral cavity.

Secondly, adults can also choose brush head 2; brush hair 2-4 rows, 5-12 bundles per row. However, it is very hard and has been basically eliminated. At present, the brush is mostly made of nylon filament. The size of the brush head depends on the situation of each person, depending on the soft and hard bristles. The brush should be soft and moderate, or slightly soft, to ensure that it can rotate flexibly in the mouth. Specifically, it can be divided into two kinds - ordinary silk and Dupont silk, which are easy to hurt teeth and gums. Dupont's elasticity is better, the brush head needs to be smaller, but it should be noted that too soft hair is not easy to clean teeth.

Finally, it depends on the hardness and softness of the brush. The brush should be soft and moderate, or slightly soft. However, it should be noted that too soft hair is easy to brush and not clean. Previous bristles were made of bristles, which were very hard and easy to hurt teeth and gums. Now they have been basically eliminated. Current brushes are made of nylon silk. Specifically, it can be divided into two kinds: ordinary silk and Dupont silk. Dupont silk has good elasticity and is not easy to fall.

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