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How do Hotel Managers Choose Disposable Items?

Hotel management is a long-term management work. It needs to test the management ability of an administrator, which is embodied in the concern for the profitability of the store. For an administrator, it is very important for the boss to increase revenue and reduce expenditure. Every link of work may affect the expenditure of cost. So, how does a hotel administrator choose disposable items for use in the hotel, so as to maximize the benefits?

First of all, disposable combs wholesale supplies mainly include dental appliances, washing supplies, toilet paper and so on.
Toothbrushes and toothpaste. How to choose a toothbrush? Mainly look at toothbrush hair, currently on the market there are three kinds of toothbrush hair: handle hair, the most brush, hard and not easy to use, cheap; Sharp hair, characterized by a thin tail, is very common at present, but also relatively easy to use, both for hotel and household use; Nylon wool, soft wool, is more common, the price is more expensive than sharpened wool. So when choosing toothbrushes, it depends on the demands of the hotel.

How about toothpaste? It's basically 8g-12g. It's better to choose double-sided needles, DARLIE and so on, while Meijiajin and are fairly common, almost all of them are some rare brands. There are many kinds of combs, transparent two-color comb, long handle comb, short handle comb, bead comb, corner comb, small red comb and so on. How to choose? First, in terms of quality, good appearance and good material are the best. Second, the price difference is not big, generally about a dime, so the difference of a few cents is quite large. According to style, small red comb is generally low-end style, long handle comb and double color comb are medium and high style. Bathing products, namely shampoo and shower gel, are packed in barrels and packages. There are many companies that produce this product. This choice can be based on the brand and choose a better one. Because bad products will have a very bad impact on the user experience. Toilet paper is rolled paper. Generally, hotels need to be equipped, and the price is not too expensive. The strategy of choice is from near to far. Priority should be given to locally produced rolls of paper, which can save you a lot of freight. Secondly, rolled paper has a range of 28g-100g. It is also a matter of serious consideration to choose the right number of grams.

Generally speaking, the choice of disposable goods is based on the location of the hotel. The most important factor is that the goods are cheap and beautiful. Cheap, but of average quality, and sometimes the choice of most hotels. The reason is simple. It's just one-off. For star-rated hotels, it is different, it chooses to focus on experience, every detail should be done to the extreme, so we should choose good disposable goods.

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