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Hotel Shampoo has so many Benefits

1. Hurry to go out, shoes are not polished? At this time to some shampoo, it will let your shoes shine up again! You need to apply shampoo to the area of wear and tear, wipe it off, and then polish it, bright and clean as new! It's also good if it's salted.

2. The shampoo is also effective for all kinds of stains on clothes. First, pour a few drops of shampoo onto the clothes, rub it a few times, soak it a little, and then wash it according to the normal steps.

3. Wound by knife, stick a Band-aid, but it's not easy to tear when changing the Band-aid, shampoo can solve it! Pour a few drops on the tape, wait for it to seep down, then gently tear it apart, without any pain, the tape will come down clean.     Clothes zipper jammed, in addition to wax, you can also use shampoo!

4. Drop a drop of shampoo to the jammed position and pull again, to ensure that it is smooth as new.

5. Drop a drop of shampoo on the clamped screw cap, and when it fully infiltrates, and then gently twist, the screw cap will be released.

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