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Essential Magic Weapon for Hotel Purchasing Disposable Slippers

We often see disposable slippers in hotels or restaurants. People who have stayed in hotels know that.

One of the six items in the hotel is used as one of the necessities of hotel supplies. How should the hotel purchase it? What should we pay attention to when purchasing it? Purchasing disposable slippers for hotel supplies is mainly wholesale. When doing wholesale for hotel supplies, we should pay attention to the following points.

First of all, we should determine what kind of material is disposable slippers, such as non-woven slippers, disposable towel slippers, check gingham slippers and so on.

Non-woven fabrics are made of random fibers. They are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, light, non-toxic, non-irritating, and cheap.

Towel slippers have very high thermal insulation, both waterproof, water absorption, flexibility and not messy, compared with textile cloth, their production is high and production speed is fast. Sole with anti-slip performance, comfortable to wear, more convenient to use. The company has custom hotel slippers, wholeheartedly welcomes customers at home and abroad to visit and guide long-term cooperation and seek common development.

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