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Cautions for hotel Vanity Set

The dressing table is a furniture decoration for dressing. Because of it is beautiful and practical, it has been widely used by owners, customers, and home designers. Since it is the furniture for dressing, hotels must be indispensable. Many women will pay attention to the dresser in the hotel room when they go out to stay in the hotel. So how do hotels choose hotel vanity set? YILANMEI Design takes you to understand.

I. Dressing Table Style

Everyone has their different aesthetic vision, so the hotel integrated style, we must focus on the choice, close to the majority of women suitable for the aesthetic. And the dresser's appearance is best painted so that it is easy for the hotel to clean up, not due to improper user practicality caused by long replacement. At the same time, according to the overall style of the hotel room to match the style of the dresser.

2. Mirror of dresser

The mirror of the dressing table should not be selected casually but must be folded, so that users can have a good experience when looking at the mirror.

3. Check the quality of the dresser

Most dressing tables are made of man-made sheet metal. Owners should check their quality certificates and see the formaldehyde content and quality instructions of the sheet metal when selecting them. This will also affect the experience of female users. Elise's dresser is guaranteed to be of good quality.

4. Dimensions of the dressing table

The counter size of the dressing table should be 400*1000 (40 cm wide, 100 cm long), so it is easy to put cosmetics. The height of the dressing table should generally be between 70 and 75 centimeters, which is more suitable for female users of ordinary height.

4. Layout

It can be divided into two types: independent type and the combined type. An Independent dressing table will be set up separately, which is more flexible and random, and the decorative effect is often more prominent. The combination is the combination of the dressing table and other hotel furniture, which is suitable for small hotel rooms with little space.
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