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The Best In History! Hotel Complex Must Know 47 High-End Cleaning Supplies at Top Hotel Bathroom

When you go out on a trip, there's always someone who hates the "unknown brand " in the hotel bathroom, isn't it? In more detail the hotel shows the high-end sense in the hotel, the more common it will appear that there are some unknown brands on the bathroom dressing table. Don't look down on them. These toiletries may be popular only in minority of the population, but each of them is of noble descent and definitely worth taking!
Haute Couture IN SKIN CARE


Haute CoutureIN SKIN CARE 1

Haute CoutureIN SKIN CARE 2

Haute CoutureIN SKIN CARE 3

Haute CoutureIN SKIN CARE 5

The best skincare brand in Australia, the products of this brand are rich in sandalwood, kwai orchids, Kakadu GuoMei, Himalayan cedar essential oil, red pomelo, Atlantic cedar essential oil, lavender essential oil and many other kinds of the natural herbal essence, possessing relieve, moisturize and refreshing effect.

Hotel: Beijing Yushe hotel; Twelve at Hengshan, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Shanghai; WEI, Tianmu lakes; Chengdu Boshe; Hangzhou Diaoyutai hotel






Founded in 1869, Acca Kappa is the head brand of the Italian SPA series products. Its simple design, the manufacture of high bottle tube, as well as the natural material has been firmly attracting millions of users around the world.
Hotel: Marriott, Ningbo Park Hyatt

Acqua di Parma

Acqua di Parma 1

Acqua di Parma 2

Acqua di Parma 3

Acqua di Parma 4

Acqua di Parma 6

A yellow dress up is one of the hallmarks of the brand. In 1916, it produced the first batch of Colonia (Cologne), becoming a fresh sensation in the Hong Kong at the time when heavy incense was very popular in Europe and becoming out of land since then. The Acqua di Parma, now owned by LVMH, has been the one to dazzle Gary Grant, Greta Garbo, and Audrey Hepburn.
Hotel: Hong Kong mandarin Oriental hotel suite


 Aēsop 1

 Aēsop 2

 Aēsop 3

 Aēsop 4

 Aēsop 5

 Aēsop 6

The name of the AēSOP comes from Greece, which is the Aesop who is known in “Aesop's fable”. Founded in Melbourne in 1987, it selects the best quality herbal ingredients and non-plant raw materials such as antioxidants and is a top care brand.
Hotel: Park Hyatt hotel in Tokyo and Seoul; Nimb hotel


 Agraria 1

 Agraria 2

 Agraria 3

 Agraria 4

 Agraria 6

Agraria is a term derived from old Latin, meaning "beautiful flowers grown in the wild". The timeless classic "bitter orange", which was born in 1970, is the oldest fragrance of the aging brand and has a large cluster of owners since 1970, including the fashion emperor Giorgio Armani. Agraria is known for its natural products, symbolized by bees. At the beginning of the brand, the products were also based on honey and royal jelly.
Hotel: InterContinental Hotels Group






This care series drawn from natural plants has become the high-end skincare competing with La Prairie and SK II. In the guest room, there will not be only the usual four pieces of washing and protect, but the eye cream, lip honey, and so on. One set for men and one set for women.
Hotel: ALILA


Aromatherapy Associates 1

Aromatherapy Associates 2

Aromatherapy Associates 3

Aromatherapy Associates 1 4

Aromatherapy Associates 5

The Apis means bees in Latin, and Vita means life. It comes from Greece and was founded in 1979. And it is famous for its natural products. APIVITA's philosophy and vision can be represented by the words of the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates that “Nature is the most dominant ruler of all”.
Hotel: Mandarin Oriental hotel, Hong Kong

Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy 1

aromatherapy 2

aromatherapy 3

aromatherapy 4

aromatherapy 5

British brand Aromatherapy Associates is the care products developed and produced by aromatic therapy association. You may not accept the "crude" taste at the beginning, but after wiping it on the face, you will feel "very comfortable" and become a fan of it.
Hotel: Amanfayun, Amansummerpalace, Lijiang InterContinental Hotel, Shanghai Park Hyatt


asprey 1

asprey 2

asprey 3

asprey 4

The British luxury brand ASPREY, founded in 1781, dabbled in jewelry, porcelain, silver, leather goods, clocks and rare books, and the ocean heart of Titanic was custom-made from ASPREY.
Hotel: Ritz-Carlton, Chengdu Diaoyutai Boutique Hotel




 Aveda 3

One of the most reputable "green brands" in the beauty industry is a brand that can be loved by all members of the family. Besides, the fragrance of plants is very fragrant and charming, and the experience is great!
Hotel: American Renaissance

Banyan tree

 Banyan tree 1

The Banyan tree full bath supplies, the spa of which is "notoriously praised", are adopted with their own brand Banyan tree made of natural ingredients, with very distinctive packaging, radiating an otherworldly sense of high-end.
Hotel: Banyan Hotel


Bliss 1

Bliss 2

Bliss 3

Bliss 4

Bliss 5

Bliss, which originated in the United States, was founded by Marcia Kilgore and is popular with Hollywood stars. (The classic American TV series "Sex and the City" also has it.) It doesn't look like a high-end pack, but it works very well!
Hotel: W hotel

Blaise Mautin

 Blaise Mautin 1

 Blaise Mautin 2

It's not just fashion that can be customized. It's also tailored to the fragrance. And BlaiseMautin, a Paris-based perfume maker, is a brand that can customize fragrance.
Hotel: Istanbul, Washington, Paris Park Hyatt hotel


Borghese 1

Borghese, founded by Italian Borghese imperial concubine in 1956, is a world-renowned brand of high-grade skin care. The developers select high-end and mysterious raw materials to allocate each product. And it rises to fame from mouth to mouth between the aristocrats.
Hotel: Crown Hotel

Bottega Veneta


BOTTEGA VENETA, known as the "Italian Hermes", is a lightweight cream. You will have a very good feeling after using it and it will give off long-lasting aromas.
Hotel: Tokyo Mandarin Oriental




The foam of Bulgari shampoo is rich and exquisite. A few drops can be rubbed out thick and dense foam. The bath series is the product of the same series of perfume, the bottle is also exquisite!
Hotel: Istanbul Shangri-La, Paris Shangri-La


Chopard 1

Chopard 2

Chopard 3
Chopard is the luxury watch jewelry brand founded in Switzerland, 1860. It also has a hand in hotel care industry, which makes people feel speechless. Even for hotel supplies, the packaging was made a gem cut.
Hotel: Clapson Boutique Hotel

Crabtree & Evelyn

Crabtree & Evelyn 1

Crabtree & Evelyn 2

Crabtree & Evelyn 3

Crabtree & Evelyn 5

Natural moist Crabtree & Evelyn is characterized by using natural plant and natural extraction methods. It makes the essence of plants can be collected and stored without damage.
Hotel: Hilton Yilin hotel

Davi Napa
Davi Napa

The peninsula hotel uses the collection of advanced skincare Davi Napa bathing series jointly developed by the wine family Carlo Mondavi and JoshLeVine. The wine bottle packaging is very lovely and very comfortable to use.
Hotel: Wangfu Peninsula Hotel


Diptyque 1

Diptyque 2

Diptyque 3

Diptyque 4

Diptyque is the French fragrance brand founded in 1961 by three like-minded friends. Today it is France's most storied perfume and scented candle manufacturer.
Hotel: Paris Mandarin Oriental hotel, Taipei Jinhua


Ferragamo 1

Ferragamo 2

Ferragamo 3

Salvatore Ferragamo's light fragrance and bath products are adopted with unique Italian recipe, which contains citrus, delicate floral notes, and precious wooden incense tones. These leisure and bath products are available only at the Waldorf Astoria hotel and resort.
Hotel: Waldorf Hotel and Resort, Shenzhen Lanxi Boutique Hotel


Floris 1

Floris 2

This famous Britain brand, founded in 1730, is still the authorized supplier of the British royal family. Its products are popular in Europe's royal family. The empire white rose is beloved by Queen Victoria.
Hotel: London Dorchester hotel

Gilchrist & Soames

Gilchrist & Soames 1

Gilchrist & Soames 2

Gilchrist & Soames 3

Gilchrist & Soames is the brand of the royal household products and the world's premier spa, shower and body care brands. Oscar DE la Renta's shower collection for the peninsula hotel is produced by Gilchrist & Soames.
Hotel: Fushun Resort Hotel

Giorgio Armani

 Giorgio Armani 1

 Giorgio Armani 2

This soap must be introduced seriously. Its design inspiration comes from Mr. Armani’s seaside stroll. He inadvertently found a rounded pebble. He held the stone in his hands and thought that stone arc was just fit for the palm of people’s hands. Then he made this soap for inspiration from the stone.
Hotel: Armani Hotel


 Guerlain 1

 Guerlain 2

In the bathroom of LVMH's white horse hotel, there is a full set of Guerlain laundry. Founded in 1828, Guerlain is mainly engaged in perfume, cosmetics and maintenance products. Princess Sisi is a loyal user of Guerlain.
Hotel: White Horse Hotel


Hermès 1

Hermès 2

Hermes is provided by the famous French luxury brand Hermes, including the highly acclaimed orange green neutral cologne created by the perfumed master Farrance Cullen.
Hotel: the AL veal palace hotel in Buenos Aires and the hotel in the city of Longbao, Chengdu

Kiehl 's

Kiehl's 1

Kiehl's 2

Kiehl’s is founded by pharmacists in Manhattan, 1851. In the past 160 years, it has accumulated unique experience in the field of medicine, skin care, pharmaceutical, herbs and generations of high-quality service, thus become the world-renowned brand of legend.
Hotel: New York Carlisle hotel

La Prairie

La Preirie

La Prairie is the skincare brand from Switzerland. La Prairie selects precious ingredients and uses advanced biotechnology and living cell essence thus has achieved luxurious products. The pursuit of eternal beauty has created the legend of the brand.
Hotel: Le Bristol, Paris

Le Labo

 Le Labo 1

 Le Labo 2

 Le Labo 3

Disdainful of paying attention to the packaging, refusing mass production, Le Labo products are all named with a number, and this number represents the number of ingredients. Fairmont chooses rose 31, and Park Hyatt uses the 22.
Hotel: Park Hyatt Hotel in Beijing, Sydney, Ningbo, and Maldives; Fairmont hotel; Shanghai Peace Hotel


Lorenzo Villoresi 1

Lorenzo Villoresi 2

Lorenzo Villoresi 3

The very romantic L'Occitane is a brand that is rooted in Provence and has been emphasizing the art of the unique French life. Through the pure and effective natural products, create 100% comfortable and healthy body and mind.
Hotel: Shangri-La, Four Seasons hotel, Flower Room

Lorenzo Villoresi

Lorenzo Villoresi 1

Lorenzo Villoresi 2

The hotel has a specially tailored dark red soft bottle with a combination of "spring morning light" perfume (Iperborea), which is also carefully concocted by the famous consignor Lorenzo Verogey.
Hotel: Four seasons Shanghai Pudong hotel

Miller Harris

Miller Harris 1

Miller Harris 2

Miller Harris 3

Miller Harris 4

The famous English fragrance brand Miller Harris is the world famous master in the fragrance industry. Over the past 20 years, he not only started the specialized training school but has also invested in the research and development of personality customization fragrance.
Hotel: Fairmont hotel, Gerstade Palace Hotel, Switzerland

Molton Brown

Molton Brown 1

Molton Brown 2

Molton Brown 3

Molton Brown 4

Molton Brown is a famous British bathing series. It is not only a royal household product but was also a favorite of Zhang Guorong. It is worth mentioning that there are lipsticks at the head of a bed, which makes people feel really sweet.
Hotel: Shanghai Yujin Xuan, Hangzhou lakeside estate hotel, Tianjin Qingwangfu Mansion

Ormonde Jayne

Ormondejayne 1

Ormondejayne 2

Ormondejayne 3

The old British perfume brand Ormonde Jayne presents a luxury quality that is extremely elegant. It uses the rare essential oil that the modern perfume industry no longer applies extensively to create the otherworldly beautiful fragrance.
Hotel: London, Guangzhou, Shanghai Pudong mandarin Oriental hotel

Oscar DE la Renta

Oscar de la Renta 1

Oscar de la Renta 2

Oscar de la Renta was created by the late fashion guru Oscar DE la Renta. The master produced a beautiful, fragrance gown, much more exotic than the Chanel five.
Hotel: Peninsula hotel

Penhaligon 's

Penhaligon's 1

Penhaligon's, an old London perfume brand from 1870, has the elegant atmosphere of royal nobility, which is an important page in British history and records the glorious Victorian era.
Hotel: Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel; The Langham, London

Peter Thomas Roth

Peter Thomas Roths 1

The Peter Thomas Roth was founded in 1993 by an American, Peter Thomas Roth. He used his family's traditional experience and technology and joined modern scientific and technological components to develop efficient and targeted products. The Peter Thomas Roths thus become a temple brand in the field of American medical care.
Hotel: Hilton Hotel


Pharmacopia 1

Pharmacopia 2

Pharmacopia 3

The organic care product Pharmacopeia is from the United States. All raw materials are from the United States "organic farming" in northern California, no pesticides, no chemical fertilizer plant, even Hollywood celebrity is also the fans of this product.
Hotel: Hyatt hotel

Pure Altitude

Pure Altitude 1

Pure Altitude 2

Pure Altitude 3

Pure Altitude is a self-developed brand developed by Fermes DE Marie from the Alps side. The anti-oxidant anti-aging function is the most important selling point of the product.
Hotel: American Thompson hotel, Prague insignia hotel

The Red Flower

Red Flower 1

The founder of Red Flower is Yael Alkalay, which has nothing to do with Red Flower. In 1999, it was officially listed, with the likes of Spielberg, Aniston, Deniro, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Bruce Springsteen and so on.
Hotel: Barcelona mandarin Oriental, New York Mandarin Oriental





This brand has created a dynamic skin system, focused on advanced anti-aging beauty "therapy", paid attention to the demand of skin and positive ways of life, and created the avant-garde solution.
Hotel: Reggie hotel


Ren 1

Ren 2

This cutting-edge care brand from the UK is known as one of the "purest" skin care brands on the market. The name means "clean", with pure maintenance as the philosophy of skin care, let Ren become famous all over Britain.
Hotel: Hong Kong Yiju hotel

Shanghai Tang

Shanghai Tang 1

Shanghai Tang 2

Shanghai Tang, a luxury brand that has inspired cultural shock in the western fashion world, was founded in Hong Kong and is now owned by Richmond, a Swiss group. The “Jianghua” is a classic aroma of Shanghai Beach.
Hotel: American Mandarin Oriental


Sodashi 1

Sodashi 2

Sodashi 3

Sodashi 4

Founded in 1999 by Megan Larsen, Sodashi means the whole, purity, and joy in Sanskrit. Therefore, the product formulation only contains the natural ingredients that have the treatment utility, and absolutely not contain the chemical raw material and the preservative component.
Hotel: Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London Hotel Cafe Royal

Tara Smith

Tara Smith 1

Tara Smith 2

Tara Smith 3

As one of the most innovative and highly regarded celebrity hairdressers in the industry, Tara Smith of Australia is well versed in luxury. Its delightfully fresh plant cleaning products bring people into the tropical rainforest and let them enjoy the moisture of tropical rain.
Hotel: Conrad hotel





THANN, which has become a household name in Thailand and around the world, was founded in 2002. Provide a series of products that are refined from the essence of plants, and show the beauty of natural healing art combined with modern beauty science.
Hotel: Sumi Island four seasons, Tokyo Park Hyatt

White Tea by the Westin

White Tea by Westin 1

White Tea by Westin 2

White Tea by Westin 3

White Tea by Westin 4

White Tea by the Westin is the hotel's signature and is of the timeless white tea flavor. In addition to a little bit smell like Arton green tea, the smell is very pleasing and acceptable.
Hotel: Westin

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