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It Is Imminent That Paper Drinking Glass Covers Replace Plastic Cup Caps.

Earlier, the news that a pregnant sperm whale died with its stomach stuffed with 45 kilograms of plastic garbage and pups in its belly refreshed our understanding of the seriousness of environmental pollution, and how powerless we are in the face of death is undoubtedly another wake-up call. It is believed that this information has a great impact on the merchants of plastic products.

Plastics have spread throughout the marine ecosystem and food chain. Under the beautiful ocean, we can not see the plastic desert. The seemingly unattractive plastic bags, trays, pipes, and other plastic products we use in our daily life are the main culprits of all this. Every extra plastic bag contributes to the tragedy.

Fortunately, more and more enterprises are either on the path of sustainable development or in pursuit of sustainable development. Our company adheres to the principle of sustainable development, continuously invests in research and produces paper drinking glass covers.

Most disposable cup caps nowadays are made of plastic. Our company has successfully developed paper drinking glass covers with pulp (renewable energy) as raw material. The product has a certain waterproof and heat resistance. It can be used not only as a cup cover for hot drinks but also as a cup cover for cold drinks.

With the protection of the ocean, the voice of reducing the use of disposable products is increasing, and the demand for plastic substitutes is also increasing. YiLanMei will use its technology to accelerate the development of naturally degradable plastic materials, plastic substitutes and multi-functional paper products to contribute to reducing environmental load.
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