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How to Choose Disposable Toothbrush Kit

As a manufacturer of wholesale hotel toothbrush kit China, we find that many new hotels don't know how to choose their own toothbrush kits. Usually, we will send some styles of toothbrush kits that we have done a lot and  most customers like to choose for them. On this basis, we usually compare the cost of our customers' favorite products. How to choose a disposable toothbrush kit economically? There are three aspects as follows:

1. Toothbrush

The prices of toothbrush range from a few cents of a small currency toothbrush to a two-color toothbrush. There are some made of pure transparent material. Now glue injection toothbrush is more popular and the price can be differed by two or three cents.

2. Small toothpaste

Small toothpaste brands such as Jinmei and Fangcao, which are low-end products of 3 grams. There are other brands like Zhonghua, LMZ, and Heimei, of course, the best toothpaste brand is Colgate. The price of a single Colgate toothpaste will be 1 RMB higher than those low-end toothpastes.

3. Packaging

From the low-end OPP to the environmental protection bag, the three side seal environmental protection bag, the carton, the grade level is much higher than the past. The price difference of these packagings is more than 10 cents.

With its stable quality and good service, YiLanMei, as a manufacturer of wholesale hotel toothbrush kit China, is more and more popular in Europe, South America and North America, Southeast Asia, as well as the Middle East, and some other countries. Our service system runs through the whole production process from design, production to pre-sale, sales, and after-sales service.

Therefore, the above three elements tell you when choosing the products for ourselves, you need to consider your own positioning, do not blindly compare the price, also do not only pay attention to the price while ignoring the quality. After all, first-class prices, first-class goods, nothing is better than what suits one best! Welcome to contact us at any time to order goods.

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