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Hotel Disposable Slipper Supplier Tells You the Advantages of Disposable Hotel Slippers

As a professional hotel disposable slippers supplier, Yangzhou YiLanMei Hotel Supplies Co., Ltd can provide you with disposable hotel slippers of different materials. Next, I will introduce its advantages to you.

Disposable slipper has good ventilation, filtration, heat preservation, water absorption, waterproof property, antiskid, and scalability.

When using the hotel disposable slippers supplier, it will not be messy, it has certain elasticity and can be restored, which makes it very fixed in size, not easy to deform, soft to touch, good to handle, comfortable to wear, light body. Compared with ordinary cloth, it has directionality. Compared with textile fabric, it has high productivity and fast production speed. What's more, it has a low price and can be produced in large quantities.

It is more convenient when producing disposable slippers, because the size of disposable slippers is fixed, which makes it much easier to produce. And unlike those cotton slippers that can be recycled which have a higher standard in slipper fabric production, the requirements of disposable slippers for facing materials are very low. Hotel disposable slippers supplier does not need to consider too many factors in the production, just according to the appropriate size, it can quickly produce a lot of hotel disposable slippers.

YiLanMei also provides customized services. You can send us samples and we will try our best to make the same slippers as your samples. The fabric of slippers can be a towel, velvet, waffle, coral, suede, plush, neo plane, non-woven fabric, etc.

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