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Hotel Bathroom, Bathtub, and Shower Room Specialization

Yangzhou yilanmei hotel supplies co., ltd. is a hotel vanity set company with design, research and development, production, sales of high-quality health and supporting products. The company specializes in the production of star hotel disposable slippers, all kinds of high and low grade slippers, hotel disposable slippers, hotel room supplies, hotel disposable supplies, hotel disposable supplies wholesale! The factory will uphold the development idea of continuous development and moderate expansion, and devote itself to building the factory into a strong market of hotel supplies, providing comfortable, convenient and meticulous services for people's life, vacation and leisure. The company has a  talent team with  strong innovation ability, sophisticated production technology ;The products are exquisitely designed and processed. Adhere to the science and technology as the basis, the company continues to absorb the world's advanced design concepts and technical experience, successfully developed a first-class hotel cleaning equipment,  providing a strong guarantee for the continuous development of enterprises. In a flexible management mechanism to actively participate in market competition, it strives for the survival by the quality of service and  develops science and technology progress, winning the the support and trust of many customers. With strict management system, advanced manufacturing equipment, high quality talent team, it  reflects its  brand value from product development, production, logistics, quality control and so on.
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