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Hard Plastic or Soft Plastic, Which is Better for Disposable Combs Material?

In the past, customers were looking for the hardness of the material and wanted disposable combs to be harder and sturdier to grip in their hands. With the improvement of technology, disposable combs like rubber combs and soft transparent material combs are not only made of transparent material, they are also much more bendable. To be honest, we still prefer the disposable combs made of soft and transparent material. Pure transparent without mixed reworked material, it is very classy, gentle and soft, compared to the hard plastic material, giving people a warm feeling.

Hard transparent plastic is what we often call hard plastic. Such as the long comb, when you use your hand to draw the teeth of the comb, there is a crisp sound of comb rebound. In fact, the technology of hard plastic has also been improved, even if you pull the comb, it is not easy to break, unlike the kind of comb we find in six small pieces of makeup kit that is fragile.

The soft transparent material disposable combs will not make a crisp sound when you use your hand to pull the comb teeth. The sound it makes is relatively dull, and its breaking rate is much lower than that of the hard plastic one. This is also an important reason why we prefer soft transparent combs.

Each hotel positions itself differently, and the material of the disposable combs is chosen according to your level of preference. If there's anything you don't understand, ask us, as one of the leading disposable combs manufacturers in China, we'll give you the most professional selection and recommendation of disposables for your hotel!

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