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Classification of Hotel Disposable Products Bulk

In terms of specific products, there are mainly the following varieties:

  • Soap: They are mainly classified by shape and described by gram weight. The major products are fancy soap, transparent soap and wheat bran soap. Different shapes and additional logo can be customized.
  • Bathing cap: They are mainly classified by the thickness which divided into high, middle and low grades.
  • Razor: They are mainly classified by shape, blade and brand. With no less than 30 varieties.
  • Female guest bag: They are mainly divided into paper and plastic bags.
  • Nursing bag: They mainly include cotton swab, nail file, cotton ball and cotton piece.
  • Shoeshine: They are mainly classified by material.
  • Bath wipe: There are mainly plastic chemical fiber bath wipe and retinervus luffac fructus.
  • Body wash, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer: According to the external packaging, they are mainly divided into three types: hose, plastic bag and bottle.
  • Mouth cup cover: Many non-woven materials are suitable for glass cup.

Hotel disposable products bulks are widely used in the hotel industry in China. According to the grade and price, they are roughly divided into five grades:

  • Six-piece suit for low grade hotel
  • Economic suit for low grade chain hotel
  • Economic suit for medium grade hotel
  • Standard suit for middle and high grade star hotel
  • Luxury bathing suit for luxury 5-star or 6-star private club.

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