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We manufacture and export all kinds of hotel amenities, such as hotel slippers, hotel soaps, glycerin soaps, shampoo, bath gel, sewing kits, shower caps, dental kits, shaving kits, combs, shoe shine, and so on. With steady quality and good service, our products are popular and sell very well in European, south and North American, Southeast Asia, Middle East as well as some other countries. Our service system runs throughout the production processes from design, produce, to pre-sale, under sales and after sales service.

Hotel Amenity Set/AmenitiesYilanmei Company specializes in the production of all kinds of disposable supply amenities, which are of high-quality and low price, for three-star and five-star luxury hotels. The disposable hotel supply sets Yilanmei Company produced are not only cost-effective but also equipped with well-designed packages, so the products can definitely give customers wonderful visual enjoyment and experience.
Hotel Amenity Set/Amenities
Hotel SlippersYilanmei company focused on the production of hotel slippers, indoor slippers, and aviation slippers, products include a wide range of slippers from disposable non-woven slippers to the eco-friendly cut velvet slippers which are still new after repeated cleaning. Regardless of product's price, Yilanmei company adopted a serious and dedicated attitude to do a good job for each product, therefore is truly responsible for customers and receives customers' satisfaction.
Hotel Slippers
Hotel ShampooYilanmei Company has carefully deployed all kinds of fine fragrance into the hotel shampoo with different effects and advanced use experience.The company uses natural high-level raw materials and does not add any chemical additives so that consumers' hair can be carefully nurtured and nourished. Besides, we use advanced packaging so that the hotel shampoo products shows consistent high quality from appearance to the immanence.
Hotel Shampoo
SoapYilanmei's soap production line covers cold handmade soaps, transparent soaps, hotel soaps, supermarket soaps and other kinds of soaps. Yilanmei Company emphasizes the quality of the products, pursuits excellence, adopts the use of natural raw materials of products rather than high-fat fatty acids, and the production process is pollution-free, radically reducing the possibility of consumer allergies.
ToothbrushYilanmei Company's toothbrush handles are made of polypropylene or polystyrene and bristles are made of PP or nylon. All bristles are flattened and stiffened, and high-quality packaging materials are used to produce the packages. The toothbrush head can be removed from the box, so you can carry it with you personally which shows great convenience. The tooth is a combination of superior quality and functions.
Hotel LinenIn the production of bed top decoration pads, Yilanmei Company takes a leading position in China. Yilanmei Company has rich experience in the bed flag designing, manufacturing, and selling, pursuits excellent product quality, and strives for progress in the manufacturing process. Since Yillanmei Company insists on using natural cotton as the raw materials for products with the superb technology and after-sales service, you will definitely be satisfied. Sincerely welcome both new and old customers to cooperate with us.
Hotel Linen


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